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The Truth Is…

Written by Andrew Brown

You’re probably going to buy a lawyer a boat.

There’s a scourge that is taking its toll on our community and it’s been that way for years.  The truth is, too many families are buying too many lawyers too many boats. More seriously, the financial costs pale in comparison to the emotional cost and generational devastation it causes.

The bad news is your family has been or is likely to be impacted by it.  The good news is you have the power to do something about it.

The menace you need to target is bad planning.  Too many individuals, families and businesses do not take their legal and relationship planning nearly seriously enough and it’s costing way too much financial and emotional currency.

Bad planning is super easy!  You’re likely doing it right now.  Examples:

  • “Of course we know how we’re going to split the proceeds and costs of this property we own with Mom/Dad/Son/Daughter/Brother/Sister”
  • “I’ve known my business partner since I was 14, whatever comes up, we’ll be able to work it out.”
  • “We’re in love. We have so much in common!  It’s forever.”
  • “I trust my husband. If something happens to me, he’ll make sure my kids will get what he inherits from me.”

Bad planning is easy because you don’t have to do anything.  Just hope.  That’s the exact attitude that lawyers who want boats want you to have.  The truth is, life plays out unexpectedly and it’s costing our community.

Brown Lawyers are advice-first legal advisors.  We encourage empowerment, self-determination and certainty to help you achieve your best, most enjoyable life.  We work with individuals, families and businesses to plan for the inevitable down times of life and to be best positioned to take advantage of its glorious opportunities.

Make sure your family does not buy a lawyer a boat. Contact us today to start your best planning.