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Preventive Family Law & Advisory Services
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Planning should be a part of every relationship

You own property with someone you care about.
Do you care/respect enough to work together to establish the RULES OF THE GAME now?

Our lawyers will teach you and your spouse or business partner how to talk about finances, ownership and exit plans.

Set your relationship up for success. 

Services include:

  • Marriage agreements
  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Co-ownership agreements
  • Early neutral consultation
  • Couples preventive planning
  • Separation agreements
  • Shareholders and partnership agreements


Brown Lawyers
can help you with:

Marriage Agreements
Co-Habitation Agreements
Co-Ownership Agreements
Early Neutral Consultation
Couples preventive planning
Uncontested Divorce

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What our clients say…
We first met Karen about four years ago when we were faced with my teenage daughter’s desire to change her living arrangement and come live with me. Karen was very compassionate and took the time required to listen and suggest alternatives to going to court to resolve any potential change in custody. We made attempts at that time to change the situation but the time was not right for my daughter to move in with us. We took Karen’s advice to heart in trying to keep our situation out of court in the best interest of my daughter.
Recently, my daughter made the decision, on her own (while still a minor), to come and live with us. I immediately contacted Karen for advice on what to do in the situation and Karen remembered my situation from when we had spoke years before. Again, Karen skillfully navigated the negotiations to resolve the change in residence for my daughter from her mother’s home to ours. Karen’s skill, tact and compassion resulted in a new signed custody agreement without having to go thru the court process.
I was kept informed throughout the process of any updates and changes either by Karen or the administrative staff, namely Rose and Heather. The entire team was very accommodating for communicating information via e-mail or through telephone appointments as my work schedule is unconventional and I live out of town. I never once felt that I was a burden or that my questions or concerns were not important. At times when I had communication with a different team member, namely Andrew at the end of the process, they were always well aware of the progress that had been made in the situation and the meetings were seamless.
The entire Brown Lawyers team treats each situation with the utmost integrity and respect.
– Scott T.

 Brown Lawyers can be your advisor in any relationship.
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Brown Lawyers provide legal assistance in the areas of Family Law, and Divorce in Burlington, Waterdown, and Dundas.