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Brown Lawyers,
doing the law differently.

A team of legal professionals

Brown Lawyers is a team of legal professionals.  We’re fun, bright, interesting and engaging.  We have fun at work and we try to bring that enthusiasm to our interactions with our clients.  We may absolutely be dealing with some very serious issues that need respect, compassion and empathy but these situations may also require levity, kindness and pragmatism.

You know the lawyer stereotypes (we’ve certainly heard all the jokes); our approach to delivering legal services and our philosophy of legal health and prevention are far different (and, we think, better) than the way lawyers and the law have been used in the past.  Truly, the law is your friend and so are we. We actually believe using the law can be a positive and even (gasp!) fun experience with a lawyer.

We promote ongoing awareness of legal health.  Like all aspects of your health PREVENTION IS THE BEST TREATMENT.  People with good legal health are prepared for opportunities and conflict; they are better protected from risks that come with both.  The more focus and attention paid to your legal health the better your chances that you will avoid unexpected and negative outcomes. We believe that if you have certainty in your life you will enjoy it to the fullest.

As your neighbours, we want to see our community succeed. The best way for that to happen is for all our neighbours to be proactive in managing conflicts that can happen within the community, our families, and our businesses. We believe we provide a great benefit to our community by communicating all the positive ways the law can be used to increase life’s enjoyment. We’d love for you to join us in making the place we live happier, healthier and ready to dream.

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Our Lawyers

Andrew R. Brown,
Wills and Estates »

Karen J. Wheaton,
Family Law »

Kimberley Vooro,
Family Law »

Our Family of Practices

Some great lawyers have entrusted us with the legacies of their practices,
and we are honoured to continue their commitment to the communities they served:

David J. Ramsbottom
(and formerly Kenneth Johnson)
in Dundas

J. Peter Vance
(Vance & Vance)
in Waterdown and Hamilton

Dennis R. Roy
(Roy Law Office and formerly Kerr & Hawken)
in Hamilton and Burlington

Without their contributions, we would not be where we are today.